Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration

It is very difficult to accept any change without resentment. Be it parents or teachers, no one accepts the change easily. We all believe that whatever had been going on was in the best interests of all of us. Here comes the concept of the generation gap when older generation is not flexible and not in favour of any change. Teaching is one profession where teacher has to be a learner himself / herself to be a good teacher and need to be flexible.

At Avadh Collegiate we do not go by old dictums. Instead we welcome new ideas and innovate new methodologies in the art of teaching and explaining. We deploy hard working and knowledgeable persons in regards to theories of learning and child development. We are fully aware of the need to provide clear goals which are attainable. We believe in fostering and promoting culture of trust and sharing.

As director of this institute my priority is to ensure the quality of teachers’ teaching skills and progress in the matters of performance by them. I am accessible to teachers for any improvement in the matters of teaching. This helps me to draw on collective wisdom, skill and experience of all working with me.

It is willing support of all stake holders, viz, staff, parents and students that makes our school as outstanding institute in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Mrs. Jatinder Walia
Founder Director